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Cooking fires are the leading cause of fires, fire injuries and fire deaths in Orange County. Given their frequency, the Orange County Fire Authority believes that more are happening but not being reported.

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Between 2004-2008, there were 546 cooking fires leading to 42 injuries, four deaths and nearly $8 million in damage.

One in every four fire deaths in OCFA's service area is the result of a cooking fire. These fires cause a sizeable amount of property damage.

On average, cooking fires causing $10,000 or more occur more than once a month. Residents should be aware of the essential precautions when cooking, particularly when using ovens.

  • 20-to-29 year old adults are most frequently injured. Their injuries represent one-third of all cooking fire injuries
  • Older adults (70 or older) are also at risk as they have the highest per capita injury rate
  • A range or cooking surface was involved in 327 reported fires
  • An oven or rotisserie was involved in 126 reported fires
  • A grill, hibachi or BBQ was involved in 12 reported fires
  • Microwave ovens were involved in 16 reported fires
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