The Community Risk Reduction Department, formerly known as Fire Prevention, adopts and enforces codes and ordinances relative to fire and life safety issues, reviews plans and conducts inspections of construction projects, coordinates annual life safety inspections of all existing commercial buildings, provides long range analysis of impacts on resources associated with future land use and development, and investigates all fires.

Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Services Section of the Orange County Fire Authority interacts with developers, architects, and engineers to meet the fire protection requirements for buildings and developments by reviewing all architectural development plans and proposals submitted in OCFA's jurisdiction. This includes tract and parcel maps, permits for conditional use, site development, coastal development, and other items related to the developmental process.

Pre-Fire Management

The Pre-Fire Management Section takes a proactive approach to wildland fire prevention through the systematic evaluation of risk, fuels mitigation, road maintenance, vegetation management/home hardening education, plus ongoing collaboration with partner organizations, land owners and communities.

Prevention Field Services

Prevention Field Services section's mission is to assist stakeholders in maintaining and enhancing safe communities. We accomplish this by conducting fire safety inspections, enforcing and educating about applicable fire codes and ordinances, assuring that public safety issues are researched and addressed as appropriate. There are four regional offices that focus the risk reduction efforts more closely to the risks of the individual communities.