The Orange County Fire Authority Fire Cadet Program is a community- based program that gives youth practical insight into the fire protection profession by engaging in activities centered on emergency services. Fire Cadets are given learning opportunities meant to enhance their life skills, citizenship, character development and leadership, encouraging them to develop into productive adults.

The OCFA Fire Cadet Program is an official department function that benefits from the support and approval of the Fire Chief and board of directors. Cadet posts are established to match people and program resources within OCFA to benefit youth in our local communities. The result is a program of activities that help youth explore the many facets of the fire service, through an experience that balances both classroom and hands-on learning. In turn, the fire cadets are a valuable resource that contribute to the constant challenge of providing community service and a variety of diversified functions in a rapidly growing and expanding county.

Examples of non-hazardous activities to familiarize Cadets with the nature and complexities of the fire service may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pre-fire planning
  • Hydrant maintenance program
  • Assist with crowd and traffic control at Fire Authority functions
  • Participate in information programs given to the public
  • Assist station personnel with record keeping, and vehicle and station maintenance
  • Door-to-door fire prevention contacts
  • Write minor standard reports
  • Participate as observers in ride-along program

Fire Cadets are to be assigned to the permitted activities based on their training, ability, and experience. It is the Post Advisor's responsibility to assign Fire Cadets only to those duties for which he/she is prepared. Other activities include formal drills held at the station, field trips, and training academy sessions.

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